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Jessica Gutiérrez is the Daughter of Corrupt ex-Congressman Luis Gutierrez
who was revealed in January and
again on MARCH 14th and 15th, 2023 by Chicago Tribune to be a major person of interest in the FBI investigation into the COMED bribery scandal.





Ex-US Rep. Luis Gutierrez allegedly lobbied Speaker Michael Madigan for ComEd board appointment for Juan Ochoa, according to new filing – Chicago Tribune



CORRUPTION: The Family Business
JESSICA GLADLY ACCEPTED MONEY FROM a Federal PAC meant to help DREAMERS and immigrant families during the Trump era*.


This fund was run by her father Luis. Luis ALSO paid his wife over $400,000 from his campaign committee.**







A Perpetual Liar

JESSICA keeps claiming"I am the Pro-Choice candidate" YET she accepted THOUSANDS of dollars in donations from Congressman Jerry Costello* - an anti-choice extremist rated 100% by Pro-Life groups and 0% by NARAL. Here is his voting record where he caused real harm for many years to women all over the country:
Source: Illinois Sunshine, search Costello for Congress









She also accuses Ruth Cruz of being "Anti-Choice." This is NOT TRUE. RUTH CRUZ IS 100% Pro-Choice. RUTH IS ENDORSED BY PERSONAL PAC. Check out for more info.





What is Jessica's Job?

Tough to know the real answer but she constantly claims to be a "TEACHER". 
BUT...where does she teach? There never seems to be a clear answer anywhere you look, or even when you ask her or her campaign. 






Playing Both Sides?

Where does Jessica Live?

Jessica claims to be a "long time resident of the 30th Ward"...BUT this is NOT TRUE.
It was NOT TRUE when she ran in 2019 where
 it was revealed 4 years ago that she falsified her actual residential address which turned out to be an empty "unfinished"  basement! In 2023 she STILL does not live in the 30th Ward.

Forgets to Vote?
Voting records show she didn't vote in the Trump or Rauner elections - meaning she didn't care enough to show up when it really mattered. But now she wants to represent you at City Council, and cast votes on your behalf?








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